Dale Holmes

Exhibition open:

9.11.19 – 1.12.19
Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:

Friday November 8th, 18:00 – 20:00

the stone that crashed into the kneecap was not moving it was hard solid non metallic mineral matter which encountered skin blood ligament flesh bone the jagged striated brown grey surface of stone did not flinch the green moss and ancient lichens were unsettled by the impact some were picked up by the kneecap that accidental meeting of a kneecap and a stone was facilitated by a choice of line ending in a swerve crashing side on into a dry stone wall tumbling four metres down the steep incline the stone breaks the fall it breaks the kneecap cracks it open blood ligament flesh the stone that stopped the kneecap was entirely unmoved by the collision while the kneecap was shattered by the force of this first and only contact the stone that smashed into the kneecap cracked it remained unmarked undamaged and unchanged sat still four metres below a drystone wall on one of many hairpin bends weathered smoothed out stones like it make up the walls that separate the road from such sheer drops off the mountainside this calamitous meeting of stone with femur tibia fibula and patella was not recorded witnessed evidenced and the stone is unremembered at the moment of impact changed the kneecap altered it dislocated and fractured by the intense physical encounter with a stone that did not move