Joseph Noonan-Ganley and Frank Wasser
Sad Mirror

Exhibition open:

6.10.18 – 28.10.18
Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:

Monday October 1st, 18:00 – 20:00

The works in this exhibition arise out of two different forms of labour. Frank Wasser’s newspaper works focus on the culture of precarious work under zero-hour contracts, while Joseph Noonan-Ganley’s HD video focuses on eroticised labour in the making and wearing of early 20th century dresses.

Wasser’s Zero Hour Fragments, 2018, takes the formal characteristics of an exhibition as a fiction in and of itself; grey floors, white walls and at times a deafening silence. Sculptural vinyl text, sound and fictional newspapers from the near and distant future confront the viewer with a series of questions and possible outcomes. These address precarious work within a contemporary art context and the political instability of the current moment. News tells of PM Jeremy Corbyn, the assassination of Donald Trump and calls for a referendum on a United Ireland as a result of fallout from a NO DEAL Brexit. 

Central to The Cesspool of Rapture, 2017, are moving-image studies of zippers, stains, rips, abrasions, openings and closings in a series of dresses made by the American couturier Charles James (1906-1978). These HD videos register and move through James’ garments, his pornographic drawings and graphic illustrations of fastening devices at alternating speeds. This is registered in sound by an encyclopaedic catalogue of sonic gestures derived from the zipper and synced to each individual frame. It is at times violent and at other times tentative and gentle as the uncovering of the damage to the dresses unfolds. Chopped up audio recordings of James explicating his interests in eroticism and sexuality persistently interject the footage. The explicit language of his conversation and his drawings animate the experiences of the people that once wore the garments. Sound engineering: Paul Maguire.

Frank Wasser, recent and upcoming exhibitions and performances: Survey, 2018, Jerwood Space, London; Radical Residency 2, 2018, Unit 1 Gallery/Workshop, London; The Slow Cancellation of The Future, 2018, am London, London; Letters of Last Resort, 2018, Damien and the Love Guru, Brussels; The Living Newspaper, 2018 (with Chris Timms and Elaine Reynolds), Tate Modern, London; Hmn 11, 2017, Somerset House, London; Dear Diogenes this is Something Else, 2016, Villa Empain, Brussels. Frank Wasser is supported by Arts Council of Ireland. 

Joseph Noonan-Ganley, recent exhibitions and performances: Something 3 Be Scared Of, 2018,, London; Amended Plastics, 2017, puntWG, Amsterdam; Heretics 12, Broken Diorama, 2017, Radio Quantica, Portugal; Stories From the Sculpture City, 2018, Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds; Plural Melts: Femme Fabrications, 2016, Yvonne Lambert gallery, Berlin; Moving Performances, 2016, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, UK.